MARK: Initial thoughts

From our initial briefing on the project, I understood “Mark” to be a collaborative network of artists and designers in the areas around Cornwall. I was very excited about contributing to an innovative and expanding organisation. With this in mind I drew up some ideas, the strongest of which I thought was moving graphics (arrows) tracing out the outline of the Logo, then fading out. I also considered the idea of having the arrows fill out the negative area, leaving only the logo in place. The meaning behind these simple lines is meant to be individual paths crossing, and branching off of each other to form mark.

Our initial meeting with the client definitely cleared things up, whereby we were informed of the context of the animation i.e. Use as an introduction for their website, and the general style they were looking for. However, I was slightly disconcerted by the nature of the business (furniture production) and what they were actually asking for, which would essentially be the theme for their website, as it had not been designed yet. I was also slightly annoyed that they had decided to change their logo, which meant it was back to the drawingboard with my arrows.