Mapping Experiment

Here are a few images taken from the mapping experiment we set up at the rugby club. The animation I made had to be specific to the planes and surfaces highlighted by the white grid. I really like the way the grid falls onto the surface as an image, but it is essentially just a means to an end in terms of creating the animation. This is pprobably one of the simplest methods of creating a surface specific animation, but unfortunately requires the target object to be set up prior to any production. The design stage can obviously be conducted before this then tweaked to the site after but this still requires quite alot of time. I am looking into different, more accurate methods of 3D mapping which include actually building the object/building in 3D space then measuring the distance between this and the projector. There is a programming language designed specifically for this called VVVV (v4) which I am eager to get to grips with, as it should also provide some interesting images for my futuristic Wipeoutesque animation, which I will be working on next week.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT:: Look at different ways of mapping and do as much preparation before projecting thee grid (using this method).

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