Flagman Returns

The latest edition to the Lyca concept artwork reel. I wanted to inject some life into the story behind Globeman. In this case giving him an arch Nemesis called Flagman. It is really just some in house design eccentricity but hopefully one-day an idea like this might be taken seriously and could go Global! The original image was taken fro my favourite website and from here I overlayed and edited aspects to create the Globeman/Flagman movie style trailer image.

Check out the Matrix rip-off (below) I put together in the same spirit. That is to give some background to the usually hollow template of a corporate brand, which often stagnates in not evolving. If there is one thing I have realised in the corporate business, the most effective way of not becomming overwhelmed by the sea of markets and other competitor’s efforts is to make the waves yourself and ride them into the shore 😉