Having listened to a professional scriptwriter about the structure and techniques of scriptwriting, I was quite excited about putting together my own characters and storyline. The writing technique that most interested me was using opposing ideas for comic effect. Initially I found it very difficult to come up with a story purely from my imagination, without any flaws or inconsistancies. I was also quite concerned about revealing my story to an audience, whereby something very personal to me might be rejected or sneared at by others. This seems to be quite an on going worry with my personal work, when I realise that the more personal a story the more human and genuine it seems, whereby people can relate to it.

I then remembered an experience someone had once told me involving the martial art of Kendo. I thought this was quite an interesting subject, opening up the realms of far Eastern culture. Essentially it involved an unlikely Yorkshireman as a Sensai, giving a class in Kendo. The idea of this character provided the main opposing factor for the story and his undermiming by his pupils. I introduced the idea of using senses when sensai Ray asks his wife to turn out the lights, wich also set up the punchline.

In hindsight I think that the outcome of the events may have been quite obvious given it’s buildup. I also think that I could have payed more attention to detail, having had a specific environment in mind, I could have described this far better, aswell as the characters. All in all I think that my rendition of the story was quite well facilitated, but could have been more concise and detailed.