MARK: Folley

Aswell as the visual side of the intro, I began recoring sounds using a rifle mic for the atmospheric sounds of the beach. I find the sound of the waves crashing on the sand and rocks extremely refreshing and awe-inspiring. It is also something I think someone in an office might appreciate, being trapped in a dingy office all day. I think sound would be a very worthwhile on the naturalistic side of the project. Here is a rough example of the kind of sound I mean.

It would also be good to have a sound effect for the graphic arrows as they move accross the screen. I am sampling various things at the moment from metal to pipes, but I feel something with a very soft ringing resonance would fit quite well, or possibly a swooshing sound.

By taking a small section of this sound and adding filters/distortion I should be able to get the sound for the arrows.

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I like the way you are thinking about how you are going to use the sound, and designing the sound. We all talk about developing ideas for visual design, but so many people forget about the sound, which of course also needs designing.

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