Apres La Pluie

I really liked the style of this film shown in last year’s cinema screening. It is a student film from the Gobelins schhol of 2008. The way in which water is animated in this video is really nice, and i especially liked the underwater scene, where the light is passing through the water above. The character design of the fish creature is very imaginative and is the kind of thing I would really like to incorporated into my work. The closing shot of the city in the clouds is also extremely stylistic. Although this kind of animation is quite different to most of my recent influences, I think it is really crucial to make reference to a wide variety of styles, especially when it has so much soul and uniqueness. Some of the abstract, minimal designs can look abit flat after a while, so hopefully this is a level of animation I can work towards, with a foundation in basic colour and graphic concepts. Click the image for a larger rendition of the scenes.