Geometry Worlds

Three geometric designs, created as a development from last years ‘OrbitJam’ project design. I wanted to get a feeling of depth and space into the grid, as if you were inside a computer. The colours certainly give a sense of electronic , but the ‘Tron-like’ grid is something that isn’t really present in a computer, but simply gives us a way of rationalizing space in a 2D image. This use of computer generated perspective has become an association with 3D games and virtual reality ‘cyber-culture’. I really like the way that another image could be placed in this environment, contrasting with the perspective we see. The 3D space also reminds me of a 3D mapping lights show performed by Ollie Sorencen. By using actual 3D space, 3D mapping accentuates the edges of structures/objects to make a physical object seem almost virtual.The second varation on the images shows how patterns could be animated into the floor. This is also reference to the Nokia Tube dancefloor, which uses pressure pads aswell as lights under the floor to create an interactive lightshow. The third variation shows how the grid can be warped, distorting the space we see. This is mainly inspired by a game I have played called ‘Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved’. I really like the animated warping of the grid in this game, where it is effected by forces like gravity and explosions, giving a real sense of the energy produced by the spaceship and it’s guns.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT:: Find ways of warping the grid, to play around with the sense of space and challenge the mind’s way of seeing 3D objects.