Spirocode Development

Versions 1, 2 and 3 of the script I have built using the processing programming language. Unfortunately I am struggling to embed the Java end of the applet into blogger, hence the non-functional link in my last post. I am really pleased with the way that I have made the colour evolve with every transform (V2), but also opened up a new field of sound reactive form at different increments of the rotation (V3), this made me realise that by syncing the bars of a song with half or quarter of a turn, a different pattern will emerge from different songs. To show you what I mean by this the last v3 still displays a single clap which, when repeated, could form the patterns I am discussing. In versions 2 and 3 the pattern of the Spirograph can also be modified with the value of mouseX.

Although this is an extremely interesting and satisfying method of producing some interesting animations. I am slightly concerned at the amount of time it has taken up for a relatively uninspiring result. I am also open to skepticism that it does not really constitute animation as the drawing is fully automated through the code.

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