The past few weeks I have been rendering quite alot, and now I believe I have it down to a ‘T”. For loops that are to be used in the VJing software, a codec is required to make them run with less strain on the processor. Using DXV and Pic-Video, and the resolution of 640×480, Pixel aspect ratio: 4:3, I have now have the complete library of Loops ready to go. For other formats like Laura and Charlotte’s ‘Lady in the Rain’ I suggested the DV-PAL settings, for it to be played on television, and an uncompressed Quicktime codec of photo-jpeg. This avoids any interlacing and although it will not always play in full-speed the first time, it allows for maximum compatibility, without distorting the image too much. It is also the same resolution that Laura and Charlotte were working in and therefore no up-scaling was necessary.