A New Direction

Right now the collective VIA is in a great position to take the world by storm with some cutting edge visuals and formation with musicians and live-performers to create some mega live-sets. The promotional DVDs we have put together will be constantly updated with new installations, performances and concepts we are planning throughout the summer. These ideas include: Mapping and 3D diagrammatic projections, live performance interactive dancing with projection, interactive animation projection and also some more hand-drawn frame by frame animations focused on colour and high energy. We are also in the process of drafting the work of a new addition to the collective, David Kitson, whose vivid and slightly disturbing renditions will impact the audience in a humorous way. Below is a showr-reel of Dave’s work:
Slightly reminiscent of Cyriak Harris’ work I think in the right context this kind of shocking visual imagery could be just what the VIA collective needs. Dave is also a composer of music which is really useful when working with visuals, when different VSTs and rhythms can be attributed so different visual effects and tones.