LM Dynamic Banners

Here is the result of many hours of working towards a dynamic banner system whereby text can be imported into the animation above. The flexibility of this system should outweigh the complex process I have undertaken to accomplish these banners whereby the templates, copies and some assets (like flags) can be changed extremely readily and also providing keyword access to search engine spiders for web optimisation. UPDATE:: The banners have been received well in the USA showing overall impressions of 3,000,000 and an average click-through rate of 0.17% which is 0.1 above the industry average of 0.07%, thats roughly 5100 click-throughs in only 2 weeks! The strategy was rooted in making the banners subtle yet noticeable as part of the user journey through the web. This also has the added benefit of not annoying the customer and therefore not tainting our reputation with him/her. It is really satisfying to know that so many people have acknowledged and gone on to make purchases through the advertising channel, and really brings some value to the effort I have put into conceptualising and implementing the dynamic banner campaign.