Soundscape Project

I was extremely happy at the prospect of creating my own story, told through sound, without dialogue or visual reference. Having previuosly done quite abit of experimentation with sound recording, I felt confident that I could find some interesting sounds to include in my story. The workshop given to us on the different types of microphones and their directional sensitivity was also extremely useful for this, especially the point made about the importance of microphone placement. I.e. Getting the levels as loud as possible in order to get rid of white noise during editing.

Bearing this in mind and having a rough idea of the story I wanted to portray, I set out to the Falmouth Marina. I began by trying to record the clanging of runners against the masts of yachts, as I felt this gave alot of atmosphere and would be immediately recognisable to listeners. On the marina jetti I noticed the sound of creaking ropes and water lapping against boats. Having managed to record a few good quality sounds I decided to call it a day, but on my way out I discovered an absolute folley goldmine just behind the Maritime Museum. Reams of interesting sounds from metal pipes to blocks of wood, discarded gas canisters and oil drums providing deep ringing sounds. Also, just something interesting that I noted whilst hitting the drums was the water that had collected ontop of the drum, and the pattrerns that formed from the vibration of the stroke, known as the natural phenomenon of cymatics.

Here is the finished soundscape: