Timing within animation

Since our exercise in Audition and the emphasis made on timing within dialogue, I have recognised how timing effects a scene within animation, especially within comedy. Watching Family Guy, not usually noted for it’s animation, I began to think of each scene of Family Guy as a song or music album. Let me explain. A work of music usually opens with something to grab your attention, a sound rhythm to engage and excite (or perhaps something well renowned, that the listener can be immersed into). The second song usually begins with a catchy, characteristic tune, further engaging and immersing the listener, usually definitive of the album as a whole. Having set the mood for the rest of the album the artist can kick off the journey of the rest of the album. This may consist of a series of waves, peaks, troughs and plateaus. Inevitably the final song will reach the pinnacle then disband to leave the listener with a final thought. Alot of the time the beginning will re-emerge giving the album a circular property that echoes on, as a complete work. Finding parallels between an animated story and a musical masterpiece may be quite far fetched, but there again some similarities are apparent.