Minimal Lights

Recent experiment with firefly lights, made using flash. I wanted to show how light can be used in the simplest way possible to give an interesting effect. By doing this I am exploring the elementary fundamentals of the moving image and projections. This extremely simplistic loop also will not dictate the atmosphere of where it is being projected too much, providing a background aura, which is I feel is the path I want to take as a VJ. Having said this, I also hope to develop some more complex and engaging renditions of geometric and also organic design. I want to compile a good range of styles and themes, with the aim of being able to perform with many different types of musicians and artists of different styles and genres.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT:: Colours, using the full spectrum in coordination to give a more exciting ambience. Also, playing with the shape of the circles to give an amoebic appearence to the cells. Perhaps also some strobing effects Note: Research health regulations for those who suffer epilepsy.