Waterfall with flash, I discovered this effect during my foundation year, not expecting the photo to come out at all I was astounded by the resemblance to a galaxy. It is part of the reason that I have become fascinated by water and it’s visually astounding and relaxing motion of flow.

As part of my VJing portfolio I want to dedicate an entire section to water and attempt to animate it’s fluidity as a liquid, but also it’s colosal presence in the skies. Also I would like to explore deeper into what happens when light and liquid meet and the various reflections, refractions and evaporation this causes. Incase I am becoming slightly too scientific about the whole thing I am also currently drawing up some illustrations for a story about raindrops and their everyday lives on cloud cumulus. Hopefully this will lead me to develop a whole world of magical creatures and characters that can be used as part of an animated story; possibly not for the reception of a dancing crowd but more as a personal addition to the content I am creating.

DEVELOPMENT:: To go out and film a waterfall under directive light.


This still is taken from an eductational film about the phenomenon of cymatics. When subjected to sound waves of certain frequencies, water forms different patterns and shapes, which is extremely mesmerising when viewed in slow motion. I refered to this effect earlier in my blog, during the soundscape project, when I noticed these patterns forming simply by vibrating the surface the water was sitting on.

Effectively what we are seeing is waves of energy passing through water instead of air. It is obvious that the form of these waves is completely different and it is the surface vibrations causing these patterns not the air itself.

DEVELOPMENT:: Bubble speaker….