Space Wagon

Turn around sketches of the spaceship design Simon and I are modelling at the moment. Having already designed quite a generic, Ralph McQuire style spaceship, I wanted to create something with a little more character, and the futuristic Beetle design seemed like the obvious route to take, as a recogniseable shape. I am really pleased with the side profile of the car/ship, as all of the chasis-lines flow in and out of each other in a very natural, smooth way. The spoiler especially accentuates these lines, and hopefully we will have time to add in many details, like side lights on the tips of the spoiler and a witty number plate etc. The colour scheme and textures I want to reitterate the beaten up flower-power, hippy stereotype, but also with the added feature of a translucent forcefield surrounding the car. Simon and I drew up some different designs for wings that could fold out. I enviseaged telescopic airliner style wings, Simon opting for a more streamlined triangular shape. In the end Simon had the idea of consulting the VW/Audi design team as to what kind of design they would put forward if they intended a Beetle to fly. I am glad we have not yet taken the route of adopting features of an actual Beetle insect, as I think this might be too obvious a link and would detract slightly from the futuristic look we are going for.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT:: Choreograph how the ship will move and be animated, possibly banking in and out of corners to show off the 3d aspect of the ship and possibly dodging various objects/asteroids coming it’s way. Bearing in mind the different tracks and other animations it will be overlaying.