Adobe CC Adobe XD Auto-animate Cube Mobile Lycamobile mint Switzerland UI UI design USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN User-interface design Video strip Web design Web/App Design white-label product

Cube Mobile UI/UX design

I have recently been working on a white-label service developed in partnership with Lycamobile. My opposite number in Switzerland, Jean Rodrigu├Ęs, has been art directing the project and gave me a good starting point in-keeping with his vision which I was able to adapt using Adobe XD.

Adobe XD is a very powerful and free UI/UX layout tool for designing website and app UIs (user-interfaces) inn a very simple and intuitive fashion, similar to Sketch. An especially nice feature of XD is the use of art-boards as frames and by utilising the “Auto-animate” feature in the transition type, you can control almost every aspect of an animation from one screen to another when prototyping so that any developer can either interact with, view a video of, or even export UI elements from as CSS classes or SVG vector animations. XD visuallises this in much the same way of nameclasses whereby the software predicts the frames between each art-board (so long as the animated element is named the same on both art-boards). The potential becomes even more apparent when plugins can even allow for exporting as React Native code.

creative marketing creative packaging Dummy phone Graphic Design Hang-tag design life-size Lycamobile mobile phone Portuguese market SIM packaging

Lycamobile Portugal – Dummy Phone

An interesting marketing experiment made for the Portuguese travel-SIM market in Portugal.This was one of the more challenging cutter guides created to show the advert in the form of a 1:1 sized phone that the customer can pick up in his hands to see product information and exchange at the checkout for the  actual handset!

Carphone warehouse futuristic Graphic Design hologram HUD lead creative lead image Lycamobile neon perspective phoneshop photoshop Samsung Galaxy vanishing point vanishing point tool Web/App Design

Lycamobile Phoneshop Mainstay Banner

4G launch 4G LTE electric Graphic Design high-speed data high-speed internet hype Lightning effect Lycamobile Poster design social media campaign telecommunications Tunisia

4G Tunisia 2018 – Lightning Speeds

Good example of copy-led creativity in design. Trying to keep the design as eye-catching yet simple as possible I used the Lycamobile 4G symbol (used across all countries with 4G support) with a vector based lightning element. This sharp contrast on the blue gradient helps it to stand out from the crowd even more than previous 4G launch campaigns.

Heading font = Commando. Future Development :: Work on more vector based illustrations using lighting effects and gradients.